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Turning Off the Tap: How the World Can End Plastic Pollution and Create a Circular Economy

UN Report Offers Solutions to Drastically Reduce Plastic Pollution and Boost the Global Economy

Saving our planet is not a lost cause, and we have proof!

A new report from the United Nations Environment Program outlines a “solutions-focused” approach to cutting plastic pollution by 80% by 2040. The report provides a roadmap to get there, with hopes of informing government and business decisions worldwide.

According to the report, the way we produce, use, and dispose of plastics is polluting ecosystems, creating risks for human health, and destabilizing the climate. However, adopting a circular approach that keeps plastics out of ecosystems, out of our bodies, and in the economy can dramatically reduce these risks.

The proposed circular economy would lead to $1.27 trillion in savings for the world’s nations and an additional $3.25 trillion saved in lower costs in health care, climate, air pollution, marine ecosystem degradation, and litigation. Additionally, this shift could create 700,000 jobs by 2040, primarily in low-income countries.

The report suggests three major market shifts: reuse, recycle, and reorient and diversify products.

The first 30% of the total reduction figure would come from promoting plastic reuse, via reusable water bottles and food containers, buying in bulk, deposit-return-schemes, and other similar initiatives. Recycling would be responsible for the next 20%, with the report proposing making it “a more stable and profitable venture.”

Finally, reorienting and diversifying consumer products would involve shifting the market towards sustainable plastic alternatives, which could involve providing incentives for companies to swap out plastic wrappers, takeout containers, and other pollutants for compostable alternatives like paper.

So let’s not give in to pessimism and work towards a better future for our planet!

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