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  • N-Ark’s Dogen City: The Revolutionary Self-Sufficient Floating City of the Future

N-Ark’s Dogen City: The Revolutionary Self-Sufficient Floating City of the Future

N-Ark's Dogen City

Prepare to have your mind blown as N-Ark, the innovative Japanese engineering firm, unveils plans for a revolutionary floating city that could house up to 40,000 people.

Named Dogen City, this ambitious project is designed to withstand the impact of climate change and provide self-sufficient amenities such as power, food, and water for its inhabitants.

This floating utopia, measuring almost 2.5 miles in circumference, is arranged into three distinctive areas. The habitable ring, the main housing zone, is surrounded by an artificial bay that hosts floating architecture. Meanwhile, an undersea data center is cooled naturally by the sea and contains city management and medical research facilities. The city also features greenery, food production facilities, schools, sports areas, hospitals, parks, stadiums, hotels, and offices.

But that’s not all. N-Ark envisions Dogen City as a hub of innovation, with a launch and landing site for rocket transportation, telemedicine consultations, high-tech blood analysis, robotic surgery, and drug research. The city’s energy needs would be met by generating 22,265,000 kW of power, while almost 7,000 tons of food would be produced, and 3,288 tons of annual garbage disposed of.

While details on how the city will meet these needs are still scant, the renders provided show lots of solar panels and food-growing facilities. Dogen City is designed to be circular, capable of withstanding severe weather and tsunamis, and could accommodate up to 10,000 full-time residents, as well as 30,000 tourists.

N-Ark has big plans for Dogen City, with hopes of it being in use by 2030.

Although the project’s budget and location are still unknown, one thing is for sure: this is a groundbreaking project that could change the way we view urban living.