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  • Danish Wilderness Gets a Boost: Saksfjed Joins European Rewilding Network

Danish Wilderness Gets a Boost: Saksfjed Joins European Rewilding Network

Beyond Borders, Shared Knowledge

Nature lovers, rejoice! A promising rewilding project in Denmark has just taken a big step forward. The Saksfjed Wilderness, an ambitious initiative aimed at restoring a former agricultural area, has officially joined the European Rewilding Network.

Rewilding for the Future

Launched in early 2023 by the Hempel Foundation, Saksfjed Wilderness is transforming a coastal area on the island of Lolland. This 800-hectare site, once dominated by agriculture, is now undergoing a remarkable transformation. Meadows, wetlands, and woodlands are being allowed to return to a wilder state, creating a haven for native wildlife.

Imagine this: Open grasslands dotted with vegetation, interspersed with pockets of open forests and wetlands – all grazed by free-roaming bovines and wild horses. This is the vision for Saksfjed Wilderness, a project brimming with potential.

The European Rewilding Network, with its 92 members across 29 European countries, is a perfect fit for Saksfjed Wilderness. By joining the network, the Danish initiative gains access to a wealth of experience and expertise in rewilding agricultural land and utilizing large herbivores for natural grazing. This knowledge exchange will undoubtedly propel Saksfjed's efforts forward.

The Saksfjed project aspires to be more than just a local success story. It aims to inspire and guide other rewilding initiatives across Denmark. By showcasing the project's progress and impact, the team hopes to spark a nationwide movement towards wilder landscapes and thriving ecosystems.

More Than Just Nature

Saksfjed Wilderness recognizes the importance of human connection. The project prioritizes public engagement through learning programs, research initiatives, and open communication. An information center will be established to share best practices and inspire others to embrace rewilding.

Looking Ahead

Saksfjed Wilderness is poised to become a leading example of rewilding in Denmark. With its focus on extensive grazing, habitat restoration, and public engagement, this project offers a promising path toward a wilder, healthier future for both nature and society.

By collaborating with partners and fostering research, the Saksfjed team aims to elevate rewilding to a top priority in Denmark and beyond.